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Medieval ink and pigments

11–13 Aug 2021

Three day summer workshop. Make ink and use traditional medieval pigments to create your own manuscript piece.

This online workshop is for book historians and anyone with an interest in art or heritage. The first part of the course will focus on the main ink in the medieval period, iron gall ink. Participants will make their own ink using medieval recipes. The next stage will be practising writing on parchment using a quill. Using a folio from a twelfth-century martyrology, participants will copy a page, writing in a protogothic script. The last part of the course will focus on medieval colours and participants will decorate their scribed parchment with coloured initials.


Day One: Making medieval ink

Day Two: Virtual scriptorium

Day Three: Manuscript decoration, using lapis lazuli, verdigris, vermilion and yellow ochre.

All essential materials will be supplied, including ink making kit, parchment, quill and medieval pigments .

£175 (including all materials and postage)

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